Historic Schools of Fauquier County, Virginia

Remington School #15 (aka “Piney Ridge”). Class picture, taken @1900.
Photo courtesy of the Brown/ Gibson family archives

Historic Rosenwald Schools of Fauquier County

Name Location Image
Blackwell Town School Midland
Rectortown School Rectortown
Routts Hill School Bealeton
Crest Hill School Flint Hill
Greenville School Greenville
Piney Ridge School Remington
Orlean School Orlean
Rosenwald School(County Training Center) Warrenton
All Rosenwald Schools in Fauquier
A vast library of photos and details on historic Rosenwald schools in Fauquier County can be found by visiting the Afro-American Historical Association of Fauquier County
using the following search criteria

Historic Schools of Fauquier County

Name Location
Bethel School Marshall
Blackwell Town School Midland
Cherry Hill School Linden
Crest Hill School Flint Hill
Fenny Hill School Upperville
Foster Hill School Marshall
Goldvein School Goldvein
Good Hope School Somerville
Hitch School Flint Hill
Hume School Flint Hill
Hurleytown School Warrenton
John Barton Payne High School Remington
Lake Field School Rectortown
Landmark School Middleburg
Litchfield School Remington
Merry School Midland
Midland School Midland
Morgantown School Morgantown
Pilgrim Rest School Thoroughfare Gap
Piney Mountain School Jeffersonton
Piney Ridge School Remington
Public School Number 18 (Broken link fixed) Marshall
Rosenwald School Warrenton
Saint Stephens School Catlett
Turkey Run School Catlett
Waterloo School Jeffersonton

County Training Center (Rosenwald)

Catlett School.

Below are three links to YouTube videos created by the students of Liberty High School…

Blackwelltown School – AP US History Project

Routt’s Hill School – AP US History Project

Piney Ridge School – AP US History Project


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6 Responses to Historic Schools of Fauquier County, Virginia

  1. Barbara Mayers says:

    This brings back so many memories. I loved my days at the Piney Ridge school, though by then it was called Remington Grade School.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Richard Pate says:

    Sadly, the Routts Hill Rosenwald school fell victim to developer greed. Rockwood Homes, Inc purchased the school and property in April of 2018 for $43,000. By August of 2018, the school was gone and a cheesy, base model house stood in its place.


    • S.P. Brown says:

      That’s a shame. The last I heard, that school was to be a museum or refurbished as a replica of its former self. I wasn’t expecting this news, thank you


      • Richard Pate says:

        I had heard the same. I don’t know what derailed this. It is incredibly sad that people choose profit over preservation.


  3. Christa Abbott says:

    I am currently researching the history of Cherry Hill school in Linden. Do you have any contacts who might know its history? Or resources that might have old pictures? Any information much appreciated!


    • S.P. Brown says:

      The only information I have is what’s on this site under the title “Historic Schools of Fauquier County”. Additional info can be found at the African American Historical Assc of Fauquier County web site.


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