Back in the Day in Fauquier County, Virginia – 1978

The year was around 1978 and as you can already guess, “those were the good old days”. Everything was simpler then, everything was fun. We enjoyed being around friends and family. We were young and carefree. If you see someone you recognize, please feel free to comment with name and minute mark in video where they appear.

The first scene in this video are from Kelly’s Ford on the Rappahannock River, just outside of Remington, Virginia and just off Sumerduck Road.
The second segment was filmed at the Interarms Gun Factory in Midland Virginia. We observe an average day, with an equal mixture of hard work and horseplay. The pay wasn’t great but the people were.

Growing Up Colored
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About S.P. Brown

I began writing when I was 7 years old, after being assigned to write an essay by my 2nd grade teacher. The essay was entitled "What I Did Over The Thanksgiving Break". I enjoyed retelling that story so much I've been writing ever since . The essay I wrote for that assignment was The Long Way Home, I hope you enjoy it,
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