Mamie J. Brown

By Raoul Knox

Mamie J. Brown grew up in the deep south area of Augusta, Georgia and worked her way thru life there and got a good college education. She then got a job at the Bureau of Engraving in Washington, D.C. And moved to Washington, D.C. , Benning Rd. S.E. in the apartment where I lived growing as a little kid. She married Joseph L. Brown who worked for the Washington. News Paper Business and started a family. But she loved me and my brother Melvin like we were little angels. We send a lot of time with her and she became my official GOD MOTHER.
So as she became very well to do. She bought a house in the upper class colored neighborhood in the Northwest Takoma Park area of Washington, D.C.

At some point thereafter she asked my mother if she could take me in to live there with her and family. And mom said yes. So growing up colored in Washington, D.C. it was a blessing from heaven. That was a complete different world from Benning Rd. S.E. There I lived in a 3 bedroom 2 stories house with a backyard basketball court and all. That’s where I lived the last two years of my life in Washington, D.C. until I graduated from Eastern High School with high grades and passed the entrance exam into Minus Teachers College in Washington, D.C.

But I opted to join the USAF and travel the world. And go to night college while I served in the USAF. I never ever came back to colored world of Benning Rd. S.E. Washington, D.C. If my God Mother had left me there. I may have been killed on the streets or in prison like so many of my friends that grew up in that colored hood with me.
Now colored upscale status respect. In the colored world of Washington, D.C. an amazing story. U St. N.W. was known as the Colored Broadway where a the colored bar and dance hall life took place in colored D.C. But a lot of the upper class blacks would come down to that area and feed on that colored party world.
So one night of partying a well to do colored man saw a beautiful young black lady there. And after partying with her he said. Hey! Let me drive you home. And after taking a look at his big Cadillac. She said no.

If you come to my crib on Benning Rd. S.E. everyone will notice you are there. So she gave him her address and said for him to catch a cab to her crib later. So later he flagged one of the many cabs down on U St. N.W. and gave the address to the cab driver to take him. OMG! The cab driver looked at the address on Benning Rd. S.E. and thought oh that’s my address. But said nothing to his passenger. So when they got to the address and he was paid. He watch the passenger go into his crib. Then waited for about 20 minutes. went inside and shot and killed his wife and the passenger. End of colored story in Colored Washington, D.C.
Now the colored world of El Paso, Tx. When I moved to El Paso, Tx the colored population here like always was just around 3% of the city population. Because of that most colored knew one another. But if you lived in the upscale colored world like BILL PARKS who owned the famous Bill Parks BAR-B-Q in El Paso, Tx. Every colored in El Paso, Tx knew who you were. I knew him like a brother. And have gone to him many times to cook chitterlings for me in his Bar-B-Q kitchen for me that I had bought at the colored Abraham’s Pork Meat Market. And he would always smile and do that for me for free.

But as the colored story goes. One evening Bill Parks came home from his Bar-B-Q Shop and saw that another colored’s car name Ray was parked outside his house. So he look around. Then first went and pulled the wires loose in Ray’s car. Then he went in side where colored Ray was in bed with his wife. There he started to shooting. He killed his wife. But Ray being so alert got must of his fingers blown off from the gun shoots. Got up and jumped thru the bedroom window and ran for his colored life.
That was one of the biggest colored stories in the El Paso, Times News Paper.
Bill Park did his days in court. charged with the murder of his wife. But hallelujah! Was found later not guilty do to the Texas State Law of Temporary Insanity. Or temporary colored insanity. And end of story his son was a well know colored police officer in El Paso, Tx.

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