Stories from Raoul W. Knox

Life on the Farm

By Raoul Knox
Photo/Courtesy of the Raoul “Billy” Knox
Raoul W. Knox.


Cuz you are one great, great writer and I love reading your writings on growing up colored in Remington, Va. But Cuz having the same Grandpa in Remington, Va and being a fatherless city boy from Washington, DC we grew up in two different worlds growing up in Remington, Va. For my brother and I being dumped down on the farm was like going to juvenile boot camp. ~ R.K.

Me and My Horse

Now on to that horse. I had to be the complete boss over it. And it had to carry me on it’s bear back where ever I wanted to go. I have rode that horse every square inch of that country side. But the first rule was to keep your head down low, because you never knew what was coming ahead. I also wanted to prove to grandpa I was the boss over that horse. So one day I hooked the horse up to the plow and plowed a complete square field which took about 6 hours of walking behind that horse and blow and keeping it on a solid position in the ground. And when grandpa came home he look at me with a smile and could not believe that I had just done that.One day when I went horse back riding deep back in the wood country. I set down to relax.

And OMG!!! When I looked around the horse was gone. On that day I almost had a heart attack. Because I knew that grandpa would kill me if I came back to the farm without his horse. But with a blessing from heaven when I finally made my way back to the farm the horse was already there. Lesson learned. To never leave the horse loose where it’s the boss.

Cops, Cars and Girls

By Raoul Knox

Now my break of a life time with the Virginia Law enforcement System. I was 15 years old and had my first car and Virginia Drivers Permit. And loved to drive from Remington to Culpeper to hang out and party. So one night about 1:00 am in the morning while returning to Remington I was stopped and pulled over by the Culpeper Police. He said to me that he had got a complaint about the way I was driving down route 29. So he made me get out of the car and walk the straight line. I passed the test. So he told me to get back in the car and just be careful how I was driving at that age. Well on the life of Romance in Remington it was always in the back seat of my car or out in a corn field Cadillac with those country girls.

dining room segregation

And that Negro sign that you showed. Ha-ha-ha! When ever I went on the bus or train from Washington to Remington. It was always on the back of the bus or train in the colored section. And when ever we stopped for a rest break. It was always for colored to go around to the back window to get served. So Cuz! Maybe that’s how the Fast Food Drive Thru was born.

City Boy – Country School

Do you remember that old 1 room school that was down in the back country of Remington, Va. that all the black kids went to. I went there for one year and there was no electricity or running water. So kids were picked to walk to a near by farm where there was a well to get buckets of water for the other kids to drink during class. And there was always just one teacher that taught all of us. And always kept a belt in her hand all day for her own safety.
So Cuz! See if you can find me a picture of that old country school that was for black kids back in that day during the early 50ties.

Remington Grade School – “That Old Country School”


4 Responses to Stories from Raoul W. Knox

  1. Nice stories. Keep writing.


  2. Sandra Brown says:

    Love these stories. I especially like Raoul’s theory of how fast food came about!


  3. Yes, he has a very active imagination


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